Notes on Orth: Examples


On a world that is not Earth

world-instrumental 1pp-genitive-negated (located on)

btarbrwo osimechekai

In a time that is not now

time-instrumental now-negated-instrumental

bashwo elaokhchekai

The people are divided into two segregated categories:

two-agentive category-agentive separation-effective people-accusative divisions-effective

ve burat teja deib ore

the avout



and the saecular

also-accusative saecular-accusative

utib neladeib

for thousands of years they have lived apart in relative peace

many-instrumenal millenium-instrumental apartness-effective peace-relative-effective

biokh orkheokh velu dalma

that is about to change

change-agentive soon-instrumental here-effective

ilie robaokh pa

with the emergence of a third party

third party emerges-(anchor to agentive)

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