Notes on Orth: Examples

Passage (incomplete)

Behold, There are two Arbrans on that vessel, of coequal dignity.

looking-effective-obligation! Arbre-origin-accusative two-accusative vessel-instrumental, [AccusativeClause: dignity-accusative balancing-effective]

Orararoda! Btarbrib vib tukhokh, manikolidak peratpamoda-shr.

Such a state of affairs has not existed since the golden age of Ethras.

afterwards(effective-1-negation-anchor:effectiveclause0) Ethras-genitive-1 era-accusative-1 golden-accusative-1

Ranachekailikange Ethrasong zamepaib konpaib.

The walls of Tredegarh have been brought down.

Treadgarh-accusative walls-genitive falling-down-effective-pastperfect.

Treadgarhchak depatskon exirattaoda.

The avout have escaped from their prisons.

avout-accusative1-anchoragentive capture-effective1-pastperfect] (omitted: avout-agentive) escape-effective-pastperfect

Evipaib ofiata sapegeketaoda.

Ita mingle and work by their sides.

ita-agentive labor-effective mingle-effective 3rd-person-plural-pronoun-instrumental

oxu dvekoda sio muve.

If all of these things had come about as the result of a summoning such as you suppose, would it not be a great thing for the Lineage to have brought about?

Summoning-agentive->accusative your-genitive suggestion-genitive all-of-these-things-effective-subjunctive, lineage-agentive-1 greatness-effective-1-anchor-to-agentive INDEED.

Mingchak adina valaskon wilebukai, debuetche chilanlidakchon.

Oh, I should very much like to claim such credit.

Oh, claiming-effective-desire (first-person-singular-agent)

oo, veluyuo'oda!

Long have my predecessors and I waited for such a culmination.

culmination-accusative waiting-effective long-time-instrumental first-person-singular-agentive predecessors-agentive first-person-singular-genitive


What honors would decorate the Lineage were it all true!

SUBJUNCTIVE: [AgentiveClause: truth-effective-counterfactual] decorations-effective lineage-genitive

But it did not come to pass in any such clean and straightforward manner.

direct-instrumental obvious-instrumental negation.

I do not know the answer, Fraa Erasmas.

Fraa Erasmas, negation first-person-singular-agentive answer-accusative knowledge-effective...

Nor will any born of this cosmos until we have taken ship on a vessel such as this, and journeyed on to the next.

AgentiveClause: [anyone cosmos-genitive vessel-accusative [AccusativeClause: this-one-accusative similar-effective] UNTIL-board-effective journey-effective]

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