Notes on Orth: Examples

Lament for the Third Sack

Gold was the light that shone in the towers of Ethras,

gold-effective light-effective towers-genitive Ethras-genitive

konoda bruemoda akhalskon Ethrasong.

Green was the mountain where Protas stood, alone with his thoughts,

Green-effective mountain-effective standing-genitive Protas-genitive-anchor:effective, [Protas-effective-1-omitted] alone-effective-1 his-instrumental-1 thoughts-instrumental-1.

Puoloda branto naktokong Protasongge, vadokhek uve bymaxepomez.

White were the clouds that cast shade on the nourishing plain.

White-effective clouds-effective shade-genitive-anchor:effective, plain-effective-1 nourishing-effective-1

unokkan buvo levanongge, yorkokhek dokhek.

Black is the sky this day.

Black-effective sky-effective today-genitive

Xankan brelankan naponskon

The plain flashes red.

Plain-accusative red-effective flash-effective.

Yorkib tinoda tike.

Red sparks as numerous as stars

red-effective sparks-effective-ANCHOR numberequivalent-effective-1 stars-accusative-1

tinoda toturodage kendusokhek b'paib.

honed edges gleaming

edge-accusative-anchor sharp-effective gleaming-effective-1

lexibge litaxkan bitbruempamoda.

The color of hills that are clothed in murmuring flame,

color-effective-1 hills-accusative-anchor clothed-effective murmuring-flame-instrumental

atokhek antibge ore zhrowo urox.

The color of blood washing the threshold of the library.

blood-genitive color-agentive library-genitive threshold-accusative clean-effective.

tinskon atak luxhskon metonib leba.

Say the ravagers: this is the wrath of the over-God Of whom we are the instrument in this world of things.

ravage-agent speech-effective / over-God-genitive-ANCHOR(genitive1)-> wrath-effective1-ANCHOR(effective)<- / third-person-singular-genitive2 instrument-effective2 world-genitive2 things-instrumental2

menaose ja / venorelskonchamcham tayutokhekge / ivo rexpekhak btarbrzhong bukhiwo

Things that we are. Things that you are.

thing-effective 1st-person-plural-effective. thing-effective 2nd-person-plural-effective.

bukan eva. bukan osho.

Things that you have made with the work of clever hands

things-effective you-agentive clever-genitive hands-instrumental.

bukan osh velraskon kenokh.

Things that by right share a common doom.

Things-effective-required shared-accusative(instrumental) doom-accusative(instrumental)

bukanrara dilokh kenakhorokh

No Mynster, no crypt, no labyrinth can shelter us this day, but only the wastes that stretch beyond the ken of even the most abject slines.

mynster-agentive, crypt-agentive, labyrinth-agentive, first-person-pluralaccusative today-instrumental shelter-effective-impossible. wastes-agentive-ANCHOR(agentive) shelter-effective / most+abject-genitive1 slines-genitive1 beyond+reach-effective1

Meatep, nurapaket, turapaket, sima naponox liotavena. eature liota litovevleon shanleon nokhikenokhek

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